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Small bulbs with tiny fil­a­ments for model rail­ways have been around for a long time. These tiny bulbs are re­ferred to as ‘grain of wheat’, with smaller ‘grain of rice’ bulbs also avail­able. The light given off is nat­u­ral in­can­des­cent light and they can be pur­chased in a num­ber of colours. They can work off both AC and DC power sources and do not al­ways re­quire re­sis­tors in the elec­tri­cal cir­cuit. Light emit­ting diodes use a phe­nom­e­non called ‘elec­tro- lu­mi­nes­cence’. The sci­ence be­hind it is com­plex and in­volves elec­trons and pho­tons. All you need to know is that they gen­er­ate light when elec­tric­ity passes through them, but there’s no fil­a­ment, like a bulb. here are the ben­e­fits of each:

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