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OO Works is to re­turn to its roots with its next re­lease. Hav­ing dab­bled in Mid­land, East­ern and, most re­cently, Irish pro­to­types, the com­pany is, ar­guably, best known for pro­duc­ing South­ern lo­co­mo­tives.

It has cho­sen the LSWR ‘D15’ 4‑4‑0, ten of which were built in 1912 to what turned out to be Du­gald Drum­mond’s last de­sign. They were su­per­heated by Drum­mond’s suc­ces­sor Robert Urie in 1915‑1917, which helped to em­pha­sise their some­what un­gainly looks. But the ‘D15’ was a suc­cess­ful de­sign, and they were not with­drawn un­til 1951‑1956. Tool­ing work has al­ready started on the new model.

OO Works is to pro­duce three liv­er­ies, with two dif­fer­ent chim­ney types. The ‘D15’ will also sport a new core­less mo­tor. Price: From £275.00. Avail­abil­ity: OO Works, Bren­don, Lang­ham Road, Roberts­bridge East Sus­sex TN32 5DT. Web: www.ooworks.co.uk

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