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To suit the pe­riod and lo­ca­tion, I wanted the track on this lay­out to be over­grown with weeds. Great re­sults were achieved with static grass, grass tufts and a lit­tle scat­ter, se­cured with small, ran­dom blobs of PVA ap­plied with a small brush. Au­tumn and win­ter grass shades are pre­ferred, pro­duc­ing a con­vinc­ing late sum­mer, bleached look. Af­ter 12 hours, the glue will dry clear and ex­tra grass clumps, from War World Scen­ics (www.war-world.co.uk) can be added, along with a lit­tle tra­di­tional scat­ter here and there for va­ri­ety. When happy, a light mist­ing with cheap hair­spray will hold ev­ery­thing in place. Be­fore run­ning trains, you’ll need to re­move any stray fi­bres from the rail­heads, point frogs and blades.

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