Model Rail (UK) - - Layout -

1 Use an old piece of wood as a flat base to cre­ate a guide. Then draw two hor­i­zon­tal lines (5mm apart) and then an­other two par­al­lel lines (8mm apart). Di­vide the lat­ter at 10mm in­ter­vals. 3 Press a thin piece of metal (up­turned scalpel blade will do) into the clay at 10mm in­ter­vals - us­ing the guide for ref­er­ence. I tend not to cut all the way through when rep­re­sent­ing a long line of sand­bags, for ease and sta­bil­ity. 5 Po­si­tion the sand­bags on your lay­out while they are still moist so that you can curve and po­si­tion them ac­cord­ingly. Once sat­is­fied, leave to dry fully. 2 Roll a small lump of DAS clay into a sausage that fits snugly be­tween the 5mm guide­lines. Now place the sausage on to the 8mm guide­lines and evenly push it down so that it spreads to fit. 4 Fre­quently brush the clay with wa­ter to pre­vent it from hard­en­ing. Re­peat step three and build a wall to your de­sired height. Cut through the clay to cre­ate in­di­vid­ual sand­bags, and place where nec­es­sary. 6 Fi­nally, paint and weather your sand­bags. Although orig­i­nally straw coloured, sand­bags would of­ten darken when ex­posed to rain or mud - some­thing you may wish to re­flect.

A tiny LED lamp re­ally boosts the re­al­ism of this sen­try and guard­house cameo.

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