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This step-by-step se­quence cov­ers the main as­pects of the con­ver­sion, but I had al­ready re­moved the gang­ways and cut win­dows in the ends, as well as fill­ing two un­wanted win­dows on one side of the coach. How­ever, I still had more win­dows to deal with as both sides of the Sec­ond Class end were mod­i­fied, so that as­pect of the con­ver­sion is cov­ered in the pho­to­graphic se­quence. Be­gin by dis­man­tling the coach. The body is a one-piece shell and it is af­fixed to the chas­sis by clips which are part of the glaz­ing. Once the body was off, I pressed out all the glaz­ing. It was glued in place, but it was easy to break the glue joints.

On the cor­ri­dor side, right-hand end, I needed to re­move a sec­tion con­tain­ing one large win­dow and a toilet win­dow. Us­ing a sharp ra­zor saw I made the ver­ti­cal cuts where the door edges would be.

Us­ing a sharp craft knife, I cut along im­me­di­ately be­low the rivet line. The Hornby plas­tic sides are thin and I was through in three passes. The door and toilet win­dow will be reused, so cut with care.

The big win­dow open­ing needed to be filled and this was done with 30thou styrene sheet, se­cured in place with Deluxe Ma­te­ri­als’ Plas­tic Magic. I placed the styrene flush with the out­side sur­face.

The sec­ond cut was made at the point that would be­come the edge of the guard’s door. I avoided cutting into the gut­ter at the roof edge and the row of riv­ets im­me­di­ately be­low it.

I tem­po­rar­ily tacked the door in place, but soon re­alised that the saw cuts had left the pieces slightly short; some fillets of styrene would need to be in­serted to fill out the width again.

The sec­tion re­moved cleanly. I cleaned up the edges with a flat file. On the other side of the coach you can see my ear­lier method, leav­ing the glaz­ing in place and fill­ing over the un­wanted win­dows.

The next step was to sep­a­rate the door from the re­moved side sec­tion, us­ing a steel rule and a sharp knife. Take care, as both the door and the win­dow piece will be reused.

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