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1: The rear of a slip coach for Read­ing be­ing at­tached to a Padding­ton-bound train at Bris­tol Tem­ple Meads in 1955. The cen­tre win­dow is a drop­light, be­low which is the pedal-op­er­ated gong. The slip tail lamps, red be­side white, in­di­cate that this is the first (and in this case, only) slip. NEIL SPRINKS/CJL COL­LEC­TION

2: One of the for­mer slip coaches at Chard be­hind ‘4575’ 2‑6‑2T No. 5563 on April 28 1962. COLOUR RAIL

3: The rear of the main train, left, car­ries the dou­ble tail lamp, red over red, which will in­di­cate to sig­nal­men that the slip has been de­tached. The front of the slip coach car­ries a sin­gle white head­lamp. NEIL SPRINKS/CJL COL­LEC­TION

4: Up to three coaches could be slipped, two or­di­nary coaches be­ing at­tached be­hind the slip coach. The last mul­ti­ple slip, at Did­cot from a We­ston-su­permare ex­press, drops away from the main train as it ap­proaches the sta­tion. The date is June 1960. J.A. COILEY/CJL COL­LEC­TION

5: The Bices­ter slip, a Col­lett-era ve­hi­cle on this oc­ca­sion, runs through the cen­tre road at Bices­ter North in May 1960. It will be added to the front of the 4.34pm stop­per to Wolver­hamp­ton. COLOUR RAIL

6: ‘54XX’ 0‑6‑0PT No. 5403 brings the slip coach off the Down ‘Cor­nish Riviera Ex­press’ into West­bury sta­tion. The coach was slipped at Hey­wood Road Junc­tion as the main train used the West­bury cut-off. BILL ASHCROFT/CJL COL­LEC­TION

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