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A smooth and pow­er­ful run­ner, our sam­ple hauled 14 coaches with ease on level track. Peco Code 75 point­work was ne­go­ti­ated re­peat­edly with­out a hitch, in­clud­ing a se­ries of dou­ble slips and cross­ings. The solid per­for­mance comes from a five-pole mo­tor within a heavy die-cast chas­sis, linked via drive shafts and gear tow­ers to all six pow­ered wheels. As with the pro­to­type, the outer axles are un­pow­ered pony trucks. Smooth run­ning is also as­sisted by the ar­range­ment of the bo­gies, which have a piv­oted ‘float­ing’ in­ner bo­gie within the frames. This pro­vides plenty of lat­eral and ver­ti­cal move­ment to cope with un­even and tightly curved track. The axles them­selves also have sig­nif­i­cant lat­eral play on their in­side bearings, which should al­low for con­ver­sion to ‘EM’ or ‘P4’.

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