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Can you give me any tips for cre­at­ing re­al­is­tic muddy tracks for a farm­yard? I’ve tried scat­ter ma­te­rial but it never looks right and usu­ally in­volves lots of mess. James Barnes, Cardiff

Ge­orge says: Tex­tured acrylic paints of­fer a quick and easy so­lu­tion to cre­at­ing re­al­is­tic ground cover, es­pe­cially for farm tracks and yards. Tamiya and Wilder of­fer a range of suit­able brown shades, which can be com­bined for au­then­tic tonal vari­a­tion. These paints re­quire a thor­ough stir be­fore use and ap­pli­ca­tion is best with a flat brush. Build up a num­ber of lay­ers un­til the de­sired amount of ‘grit’ is achieved, al­low­ing each layer to dry in turn, which should take about an hour, de­pend­ing on the thick­ness. By adding sev­eral lay­ers, or sculpt­ing the medium into piles, we can avoid an overly flat ap­pear­ance and repli­cate the look of a heav­ily rut­ted track. An­other tip is to run a suit­able model car, tractor or truck over the wet paint to cre­ate tyre tracks. The model can then be cleaned with wa­ter if nec­es­sary. We can also cre­ate our own tex­tured paints by mix­ing dry weather­ing pow­ders with acrylic paints, choos­ing suit­able shades of each to pro­duce the de­sired colours. If the mix­ture be­comes too thick to brush ef­fec­tively, sim­ply di­lute it with acrylic thin­ners or wa­ter. Pud­dles or a wet look can be achieved by adding patches of clear gloss var­nish to strate­gic ar­eas. Web: www.scale­mod­elshop.co.uk www.air­brushes.com

Tex­tured soil and grit-ef­fect paints of­fer a sub­tle and easy-to-use al­ter­na­tive to scat­ter ma­te­ri­als.

Em­ploy­ing a range of shades cre­ates an au­then­tic ap­pear­ance.

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