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It doesn’t look good and it doesn’t do the lay­out any good. A clut­ter of lo­co­mo­tives and stock fill an un­fin­ished cor­ner of the lay­out – there’s even a box on the track.


A tea tray is a use­ful means of car­ry­ing mod­els and tools as they are cleared off the lay­out to a place where they can be sorted and put back in their boxes.


If you have younger fam­ily mem­bers who en­joy play­ing with your lay­out, you are likely to find some un­likely ‘pas­sen­gers’ rid­ing on any flat sur­face. Watch out for the ones that have fallen off, too.


Mod­els which have been left stand­ing on the lay­out for a pro­longed pe­riod will have ac­quired a coat of fine dust. Brush this off with a soft brush be­fore putting the model away in its box.

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