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How can I cre­ate a re­al­is­tic ploughed field, com­plete with crops? Mark Hunter, by e-mail Dave says: Lay­outs aren’t all about tracks and trains – the scenery is an equally im­por­tant el­e­ment. Cen­tral to the fore­ground of my ‘P4’ lay­out, ‘Bevet’, is a crop field. This was cre­ated with a piece of finely cor­ru­gated pa­per, painted in earthy-toned wa­ter­colours be­fore in­stal­la­tion. Once dry, a thin coat of PVA glue was spread along the ridges, be­fore green­coloured flock pow­der was sprin­kled over. When this layer had dried, the sur­face was re-coated with glue and a fur­ther layer of flock was added. The process can be re­peated, tai­lor­ing the amount of lay­ers and flock colour to suit your de­sired crop. Al­low the whole thing to dry overnight be­fore lay­ing your crop field onto a bed of PVA, fix­ing ran­domly shaped pieces of card – of var­i­ous thick­nesses – be­tween the base­board and the crop layer. This will cre­ate a re­al­is­ti­cally un­even sur­face and avoid a flat, uni­form ap­pear­ance. Fi­nally, blend the crops with the sur­round­ing land with a thin coat of plas­ter, cov­ered with a light sprin­kling of scenic flock.

GE­ORGE DENT This de­light­ful ru­ral scene can be found on Dave Low­ery’s ‘Bevet’ lay­out. The rows of crops were cre­ated on a base of cor­ru­gated pa­per.

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