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The fa­mous sea­side town of Black­pool had two sta­tions in the town cen­tre, both built by the LYR/LNWR Joint. There was Tal­bot Road to the north and Cen­tral to the south. The Beech­ing Re­port rec­om­mended that one sta­tion be closed and the town coun­cil voted against Cen­tral, be­cause al­though it was po­si­tioned closer to the town cen­tre, it of­fered greater po­ten­tial for re­de­vel­op­ment. Tal­bot Road was re­built in the 1970s. The bulk of the sta­tion closed but the for­mer ex­cur­sion plat­forms were trans­formed into the new Black­pool North sta­tion, which opened in 1974. It’s still a vi­brant place from a rail­way point of view and it only re­cently gave up its sem­a­phore sig­nals and sig­nal box. It’s easy enough to swap eras on this lay­out, us­ing the Tal­bot Road base­board ex­pan­sion area, shown in blue, if space al­lows. I had hoped that some­one, some­where might make a model of the fa­mous Black­pool Tower, but there’s noth­ing. There­fore, it’s in­cluded as part of the backscene. Whereas other de­signs here have unique phys­i­cal fea­tures, Black­pool’s unique­ness came with the num­ber of trains that ar­rived here. Sum­mer was ob­vi­ously the busiest time but there was con­sid­er­able win­ter traf­fic when it was time to switch on the fa­mous il­lu­mi­na­tions.

The view from the top of Black­pool Tower is of im­me­di­ate ben­e­fit to mod­ellers! In fact it was in­valu­able in de­sign­ing this lay­out as it en­abled me to ex­ag­ger­ate the curve be­tween sta­tion and car­riage sid­ings to cre­ate an ‘L’-shaped for­mat. Orig­i­nally...

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