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More­cambe had two ter­mini. There was the LNWR’S Eus­ton Road and the Mid­land Rail­way’s Prom­e­nade. To model Eus­ton Road (fi­nally closed by BR in 1972) in ‘OO’ will re­quire a 16ft-long space to in­clude the 180º curves to all the fid­dle­yards. Al­ter­na­tively, if you keep the Lancaster Green Ayre and Heysham lines as static fea­tures, Eus­ton Road, ar­ranged in a ‘U’ shape, will fit into a 14ft by 11ft space. More­cambe Prom­e­nade in ‘OO’ re­quires a space 12ft long and 7ft wide to in­cor­po­rate the Mid­land Ho­tel to the right. The board can be suit­ably ar­ranged in a ‘U’-shaped for­mat by adding a fur­ther 2ft at the left-hand end for a semi-cir­cle of track lead­ing to a fid­dle­yard op­po­site the Prom­e­nade Goods Yard.

Any lay­out of More­cambe will re­quire the More­cambe-heysham elec­tric units. The route was elec­tri­fied in 1908 and ‘AM1’ EMUS were in­tro­duced in 1953. 3D-printed ‘AM1’ bodies are avail­able from More­cambe and Heysham be­came pop­u­lar haunts for peo­ple who...

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