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Al­though pri­mar­ily de­signed to repli­cate the pre-cast con­crete sec­tional plat­form favoured by the South­ern Rail­way, Peco’s plas­tic com­po­nents are equally suit­able for mod­ern day struc­tures. As only the edg­ing is pro­vided, the rest of the plat­form must be con­structed from plas­tic sheet, foam board or tim­ber. I opted for the lat­ter ma­te­rial, al­though wood does add sig­nif­i­cantly to the over­all weight of the base­board. The sur­face was ren­dered flat and smooth with a light ‘skim’ coat of plaster. Af­ter seal­ing with a few coats of acrylic paint, the fi­nal sur­face fin­ish was re­alised with printed de­tail taken from a Scalescene­s down­load­able kit for a small mod­ern sta­tion build­ing. Fea­tur­ing block paving, plat­form edg­ing stones and strips of tac­tile warn­ing tiles – which are a com­mon sight on mod­ern plat­forms – the de­sired amount of ma­te­rial was printed to suit the length of my plat­form, cut to size and then se­cured with Photo Mount spray ad­he­sive.

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