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1 The lo­co­mo­tive un­cou­ples from the coach and moves for­ward past the points so that they can be switched, al­low­ing the lo­co­mo­tive to move to the Up line. 2 Af­ter mov­ing through the points the lo­co­mo­tive is able to re­verse along the length of the Up line plat­form while the coach re­mains in the Down line plat­form. 3 Mov­ing past the points at the far end of the plat­form, the lo­co­mo­tive can wait for the points to be switched so that it can col­lect the coach from the plat­form. 4 Com­ing back across the points, the lo­co­mo­tive moves up to the rear of the coach and cou­ples up, ready to per­form its next ma­noeu­vre. 5 The coach is then pulled back through the points that the lo­co­mo­tive just came through on to the Up line, clear­ing the Down line for an­other train to come through. 6 The train can move for­ward into the plat­form to be loaded for its next jour­ney while an­other train oc­cu­pies the other plat­form.

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