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Lo­co­mo­tive: Lan­cashire & York­shire Rail­way ‘A’ 0-6-0 Gauge: ‘OO’ Pro­posed by: P.J. Boyde, Cheshire

What is it?

Be­tween 1889 and 1918, the Lan­cashire & York­shire Rail­way built 468 of these 0-6-0s to J.F. Aspinall’s de­sign. The boiler was pressed to a rat­ing of 180lb/sq in and the 18in by 26in cylin­ders were linked to 5ft 1in di­am­e­ter driv­ing wheels by Joy valve gear to pro­duce a trac­tive ef­fort of 21,170lb. Orig­i­nally clas­si­fied ‘A’, they were later re­clas­si­fied ‘27’. A sim­ple yet ef­fi­cient de­sign, the last was not with­drawn un­til 1962. That’s the fac­tual stuff dealt with. I had the plea­sure of spend­ing a day be­hind No. 1300 at the East Lan­cashire Rail­way a few years ago. As BR No. 52322, this beau­ti­ful black lo­co­mo­tive hauled the rake of coaches I was in with ease. It ran like the metaphor­i­cal sewing ma­chine and seemed to have am­ple power to spare. To my mind, this lo­co­mo­tive is spe­cial and a time­less beauty.

What would make it vi­able?

Hum­ble goods de­signs have be­come the ‘in’ thing in ‘OO’ gauge re­cently, with the most re­cent an­nounce­ments be­ing Hornby’s ‘J36’ and the Rails of Sh­effield/bachmann ‘812’. Bachmann has had great suc­cess with another Lan­cashire & York­shire de­sign – the Aspinall 2-4-2T – so it would be in prime po­si­tion to do the ‘A’. Not only is the ‘A’ a com­par­a­tively sim­ple lo­co­mo­tive, you have a choice of three clas­sic liv­er­ies: LYR black with its hand­some dou­ble red lin­ing, plain LMS black and, of course, BR black. As well as pro­duc­ing the ‘27’, a man­u­fac­turer could, for a bit of vari­a­tion, also pro­duce the ‘28’ class. They were de­signed by Ge­orge Hughes and were the larger cousins of the ‘27s’, with Bel­paire fire­boxes, su­per­heat­ing, a slightly longer frame and larger cylin­ders. The LYR built 20 new ones and cre­ated 63 by re­build­ing ‘27s’.

Can I see a real one?

The sole sur­vivor is No. 1300, owned by Andy Booth. Its time is shared be­tween the Rib­ble Steam Rail­way and the East Lan­cashire Rail­way, and it of­ten vis­its other pre­served rail­ways too.

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