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Serco con­tracted GBRF to pro­vide mo­tive power for the sleeper, and it’s here that things get re­ally in­ter­est­ing, es­pe­cially for the prospec­tive lay­out builder. At the time of writ­ing, eight dif­fer­ent classes are used on the ‘beds’.

Be­low: The AC Lo­co­mo­tive Group’s Class 86 86101 Sir Wil­liam A Stanier F R S and 86401 Mons Meg are hired for empty stock moves from Eus­ton to Wem­b­ley. COLIN POTTLE In model form: Dapol (‘N’); Hel­jan, Hornby (‘OO’).

Above: GBRF’S Class 73/9s – 73966-971 – are used to haul the Fort Wil­liam, Aberdeen por­tions from Glas­gow. PAUL BIGLAND/RAIL In model form: The Class 73/9 vari­ant is not avail­able ready-to-run ei­ther in ‘N’ or ‘OO’.

Left: GBRF’S Class 92s – 92010/014/018/023/ 033/038 – are used for the main legs from Lon­don to Glas­gow and Ed­in­burgh. PETER FOSTER In model form: Revo­lu­tion/djmodels (‘N’); Djmodels, Hornby (‘OO’).

Right: Former Co­las Class 47 47727 Ed­in­burgh Cas­tle/cais­teal Dhún Éideann is used to haul empty stock from Glas­gow Cen­tral to Pol­madie, but may also go on the oc­ca­sional jaunt to Ed­in­burgh. MARK PIKE In model form: Gra­ham Far­ish (‘N’); Bach­mann (‘OO’).

Above: Class 87 87002 Royal Sov­er­eign is hired from the AC Lo­co­mo­tive Group for empty stock moves be­tween Lon­don Eus­ton and Wem­b­ley de­pot. JOHN STRET­TON In model form: Hornby (‘OO’).

Be­low: Class 08: In­ver­ness de­pot’s res­i­dent Class 08 shunts the sleeper stock. MARK HICKEN/ALAMY In model form: Gra­ham Far­ish (‘N’); Bach­mann, Hornby (‘OO’).

Above: Class 92s are sup­ple­mented by Class 90s, on hire from Freight­liner. PAUL BIGLAND/RAIL In model form: Bach­mann, Hornby (‘OO’).

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