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QWhat colour do you rec­om­mend for the flesh tone on 4mm scale fig­ures? I found a paint aimed at war gamers called ‘Bar­bar­ian Flesh’ but I’m not con­vinced that this is suitable for foot­plate crews! Chris Thom­son, by e-mail

Ge­orge says: When paint­ing the flesh on fig­ures of any scale, my pref­er­ence is for Life­color acrylics. The Ital­ian paint brand of­fers a range of flesh tones in in­di­vid­ual jars. How­ever, six of the best shades are col­lected to­gether into a com­pre­hen­sive ‘Flesh Paint’ pack. Hu­mans come in all dif­fer­ent colours and shades, yet this six-pack pro­vides a wide pal­ette of tones to cater for just about all hues. Fur­ther­more, they can be in­ter-mixed to add life­like shad­ing and high­lights, which is es­pe­cially use­ful for 4mm and, par­tic­u­larly, 7mm scale (and larger) fig­ures. The qual­ity of the paints is high and, be­ing acrylic, clean­ing up and thin­ning is sim­ply achieved with wa­ter. They dry quickly too. For best re­sults, treat the fig­ures to a light but even coat of white primer (prefer­ably from an aerosol). When this is dry, I al­ways start with the ar­eas of skin, ap­ply­ing a neu­tral base layer. De­pend­ing on how pale or dark the fig­ure’s skin is in­tended to be, this base layer can be ad­justed ei­ther by choos­ing one of the six paint shades or in­ter-mix­ing a few un­til the re­quired colour is achieved. Two coats may be needed and, once the sur­face is dry, darker shad­ing can be

added around the nose, eyes, ears and un­der the chin – any­where where nat­u­ral shad­ing will oc­cur. Fi­nally, us­ing a lighter shade, high­lights can be picked out, such as the cheek bones, nose, chin and fore­head. With the flesh taken care of, we can then add the hair, eye­brows, beards and then turn our at­ten­tion to the clothes. Avail­abil­ity: The Air­brush Com­pany

When paint­ing fig­ures, ren­der­ing the flesh in be­liev­able shades is one of the main chal­lenges.

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