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In con­trast to my usual method of lay­out de­sign, the fol­low­ing two ex­am­ples fo­cus pri­mar­ily on oper­a­tion. They have been led by route direc­tion and the split­ting of Cale­do­nian Sleeper trains for on­ward travel to more than one lo­ca­tion. As such, there’s al­ways a chance that re­al­is­tic scenic ap­pear­ance might be com­pro­mised, par­tic­u­larly near he­lices, re­turn loops or where two sec­tions of main line run close to­gether.

Above: This large, dual-level ‘OO’ gauge lay­out in­cludes flex­i­ble di­rec­tional travel and has two he­lices for ac­cess­ing the low-level fid­dle­yard at each end. It in­cludes at least two ma­jor ru­ral scenic sec­tions in or­der to model some Scot­tish scenery. There are a cou­ple of is­sues with us­ing he­lices. There’s a pos­si­ble lack of pro­to­typ­i­cal ap­pear­ance, they can take up too much space, and they com­pro­mise scenic op­por­tu­nity. But I think with care­ful use of phys­i­cal and scenic ar­range­ments, you could dis­guise them in or­der to max­imise op­er­a­tional po­ten­tial.

Above: This large ‘OO’ gauge is on a sin­gle level and of­fers more po­ten­tial for mod­el­ling Scot­tish scenery, as I’ve man­aged to in­clude a drop sec­tion for a viaduct. It’s ar­guably more pro­to­typ­i­cal than hav­ing he­lices, but it might lack re­al­ism in and around the re­turn curve junc­tions and at the sta­tion by-pass lines.

Above: Out­side the sleeper de­pot, look­ing south. Ea­gle-eyed read­ers may be able to spot one of the AC Lo­co­mo­tive Group’s two Class 86s, used to haul empty stock be­tween Eus­ton sta­tion and Wem­b­ley.

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