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◆ SCALE ‘OO’ ◆ MODEL KMRC K2704 Bulleid 1Co-co1 diesel 10203, BR lined green ◆ PRICE £179.99 ◆ AVAIL­ABIL­ITY Kernow Model Rail Cen­tre, 01209 714099, www.ker­now­mod­el­rail­cen­

Can it re­ally be Jan­uary when we re­viewed Kernow Model Rail Cen­tre’s Bulleid diesel 1Co-co1? Our re­view praised the model’s good looks, at­ten­tion to de­tail, per­for­mance and fin­ish. The South­ern Re­gion built three diesels to Oliver Bulleid’s de­signs. 10201 and 10202 were built in 1951 and the model that we re­viewed in MR243 was based on 10201. 10203 was built at Brighton works in 1954. It looked like the first two but it was three tons lighter and, more im­por­tantly, its English Elec­tric en­gine boasted 2,000hp. There were de­tail dif­fer­ences be­tween 10203 and its older sis­ters. They were sub­tle but re­quired Kernow to tool an­other body. 10203 has now ar­rived and, at first glance, it’s ev­ery bit as good as 10201/202. We re­ceived 10203 in BR lined green with ‘fer­ret and dart­board’ em­blem on the side (now sold out). And yes, 10203 did re­ceive that prim­rose yel­low roof – it just didn’t stay that colour for very long. Ev­ery­thing that was good about the ini­tial mod­els has been car­ried over to the new ver­sion. There’s lots of fine, sep­a­rately fit­ted de­tail, in­clud­ing the flat sec­tion handrails. You can see a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the en­gine through the body­side win­dows. The body shape looks right from ev­ery an­gle. The ‘face’ looks good too, and one of the key dif­fer­ences is that 10203 was not built with any form of nose gang­way door. Mov­ing down the body­side, 10203 sports full-length side grilles fore and aft of the side win­dow, whereas 10201/202 had half-grilles. 10203, as it wears BR green, has the an­gled gut­ter strip over side grilles at the No. 2 end that all three Bulleid diesels later re­ceived. Close-up pho­to­graphs of these ma­chines are com­par­a­tively rare but pho­to­graphs in Mod­ern Lo­co­mo­tives Il­lus­trated No. 185 and Brian Hares­nape’s Bulleid Lo­co­mo­tives sug­gests that, by the time 10203 re­ceived BR green, there was some kind of bead­ing around some of the side grilles and that they had a slightly more curved pro­file than Kernow’s model. Even check­ing on­line pho­to­graphic sources, it’s dif­fi­cult to con­firm these pos­si­ble dis­crep­an­cies. There is one mi­nor shape is­sue that brings 10203’s rat­ing be­low that of 10201. The two roof vents at the No. 2 end sit ei­ther side of the horn. Pho­to­graphic ev­i­dence sug­gests that this ar­range­ment was at the No. 1 end only. At the No. 2 end, one vent is be­hind the horn.


Per­for­mance was ex­cel­lent. 10203 was smooth and quiet straight from the box and romped away with 13 coaches. 10203 has the same ‘float­ing’ ar­range­ment as 10201 – the three pow­ered axles are held by an in­ner bo­gie within the frames to al­low lat­eral and ver­ti­cal move­ment. The lead­ing axle acts as per the pro­to­type. The long bo­gies strug­gled a lit­tle with some tight curves and points. How­ever, there was so much power on tap that 10203 tops the haulage charts on our 1-in-30 gra­di­ent – it made light work of the climb, haul­ing 13 Hornby and Bach­mann bo­gie coaches. The liv­ery is im­pres­sively ren­dered. The green has a pleas­ing fin­ish and the num­bers and ‘7’ power clas­si­fi­ca­tion look good, es­pe­cially as they’re par­tially ob­scured by the handrails.

The body shape looks right from ev­ery an­gle

There are a cou­ple of is­sues on our sam­ple: the line be­tween prim­rose and body colour is very fuzzy in places and there are a cou­ple of ar­eas where the prim­rose lacks full opac­ity. Our sam­ple also suf­fered from the lin­ing, well, not lin­ing up in all the cor­ners. 10203 is al­most iden­ti­cal to the sam­ple of 10201 re­viewed back in Jan­uary. Mi­nor nig­gles aside, it’s worth re­peat­ing the clos­ing sen­tence from that re­view be­cause it’s just as true now as it was ear­lier in the year: “KMRC should be com­mended… for pro­duc­ing a model that is a fit­ting trib­ute to Bulleid’s ground-break­ing de­sign”.

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