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It cer­tainly gives cre­dence to WS’S claim that you can fin­ish a lay­out mod­ule in an evening!

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The base­board – it’s ar­guably the most off-putting part of build­ing a lay­out. It can be dif­fi­cult to con­struct, es­pe­cially if wood­work isn’t your forte, and the pres­sure to get it right is im­mense. After all, a wonky or mis­aligned board can plague your lay­out for­ever. If we told you that there was a base­board sys­tem that was easy to build, with the bare min­i­mum of tools, that would al­low you to in­clude moun­tains or river val­leys and that could be used on any­thing from a mi­cro lay­out to a huge room filler, you’d prob­a­bly think it too good to be true. But it isn’t. Say hello to Mod-u-rail, from Wood­land Scen­ics. Mod-u-rail is a mod­u­lar base­board sys­tem that comes in two main parts: you get a pine/mdf frame and then a hard foam base. The frames screw to­gether and all you need to af­fix the foam is glue. Assem­bly doesn’t get much eas­ier than that. There are two sizes of base­board kit. There’s a 3ft by 18in straight and a 3ft by 3ft unit that can ei­ther be built as a square or as an an­gled cor­ner unit. By com­bin­ing straight and square/cor­ner units, you can as­sem­ble a base­board to what­ever con­fig­u­ra­tion you re­quire. The foam top sec­tions in­clude the flat foam base, foam frames, ris­ers and trackbed, as well as a huge se­lec­tion of Wood­land Scen­ics glues, scat­ters and other scenic ac­ces­sories (see panel). It cer­tainly gives cre­dence to WS’S claim that you can fin­ish a lay­out mod­ule in an evening! We were able to put Mod-urail to the test, thanks to the gen­eros­ity of stock­ist Kernow Model Rail Cen­tre. It worked pretty much as ad­ver­tised, although we did have to re-drill a few holes be­cause they weren’t aligned prop­erly. You might feel that Mod-u-rail is an ex­pen­sive way to build a lay­out, es­pe­cially if you’re plan­ning a large one. How­ever, fac­tor in the cost of buy­ing all those scenic ac­ces­sories and it starts to make more fi­nan­cial sense. It makes even more sense when all you need to pro­vide is track of your choice and you have ev­ery­thing you need to build a fully de­tailed scene in un­der a day. Our ver­dict is that Mod-u-rail of­fers a flex­i­ble and fun al­ter­na­tive op­tion to lay­out build­ing.


This lay­out was built on the Wood­land Scen­ics Mod-u-rail base­board sys­tem which was con­structed us­ing noth­ing more than glue, a ham­mer, a drill and a screw­driver.

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