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Dapol will pro­duce its pro­posed ‘N’ gauge pro­to­type HST – but only if enough mod­ellers sign up to the scheme. What makes this an­nounce­ment more sig­nif­i­cant than the aborted 2015 pro­to­type HST power car launch (MR215) is that Dapol plans to pro­duce the full 12 cars. The train will be split into four dis­tinct packs. The two power cars, 41001 and 41002, will come as a pack, with one pow­ered and one un­pow­ered. They will fea­ture con­trol­lable lights and a Next18 DCC socket. The pow­ered model will fea­ture Dapol’s Su­per­creep mo­tor. Dapol will pro­duce all-new tooling for the four Trailer First and four Trailer Sec­ond coaches. They will fea­ture re­cessed door han­dles, cor­rect win­dows and roof and will lack the door lock­ing in­di­ca­tors of the con­tem­po­rary Mk 3 range. The Mk 3s will come in two packs: one pack con­tains TFS 11000 and 11001 and TSS 12000 and 12001 and the other will in­clude TFS 11002 and 11003 and TSS 12002 and 12003. The fi­nal pack will con­tain Trailer Buf­fet 10000 and Trailer Kitchen 10100. How­ever, due to the costs in­volved, these will be stan­dard Dapol Mk 3 buf­fet cars fin­ished in pro­to­type HST liv­ery. A fifth pack will be avail­able con­tain­ing the two power cars but in Depart­men­tal liv­ery with yel­low noses and the num­bers 975812 and 975813. This model is only avail­able to or­der via the Dapol web­site ( and will only go ahead if enough or­ders are placed. Prices have yet to be con­firmed.

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