Keep­ing it warm

Model Rail (UK) - - Masterclas­s – Class 40 -

The lo­co­mo­tives might have been pow­ered by diesel, but steam was still needed to heat the coaches. The Class 40s, like other de­signs, needed Steam Heat Gen­er­a­tors, re­ferred to as ‘boil­ers’, and two types were used: D200-259/267-286/305-324 were fit­ted with Stones-va­por boil­ers, whereas D260-266/287-304/325-399 re­ceived Clay­ton boil­ers. Although en­closed within the body, there were some tell-tale dif­fer­ences: Stones-va­por-fit­ted ma­chines had a rect­an­gu­lar ex­haust port and a square ac­cess panel with a top hinge; the Clay­ton boil­ers had a cir­cu­lar ex­haust port and a rect­an­gu­lar ac­cess hatch with side hinges. D255 en­tered ser­vice with Elec­tric Train Heat­ing equip­ment in­stalled for trial pur­poses. How­ever, once tests were com­plete this was re­moved and the ‘blue star’ mul­ti­ple work­ing equip­ment added in the stan­dard po­si­tion.

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