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It’s prob­a­bly no sur­prise that, on the small of­fice test track, No. 6144 was smooth and quiet straight from the box. The prom­ise of good things con­tin­ued on Dave Lowery’s lay­out, where the click­ing of the rail joints was louder than the lo­co­mo­tive. That was un­til the crankpin worked loose and the con­nect­ing rod came off. It was an easy enough fix. Ours might have been an iso­lated in­ci­dent but it might be worth check­ing in the shop be­fore you buy. No. 6144 also strug­gled to get Dave’s four Darstaed Mk 1s mov­ing. A lot of wheel­slip re­quired a help­ing hand – lit­er­ally – to get it mov­ing. But once on the go, the ‘Large Prairie’ coped well. Stop­ping and start­ing with this av­er­age load left a lit­tle to be de­sired but, gen­er­ally, No. 6144 per­formed well.

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