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GAUGE ‘OO’ MODEL Ox­ford Rail OR76DG005 ‘Dean Goods’ 0‑6‑0 No. 2534, GWR un­lined green with snow­plough PRICE £119.95 AVAIL­ABIL­ITY Ox­ford Rail stock­ists or www.ox­ford­diecast.co.uk

Some­times, it’s good to do some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent. Ox­ford Diecast and its Ox­ford Rail arm like ‘dif­fer­ent’ and have a de­cent track record of of­fer­ing slightly more un­usual mod­els, such as Land Rovers with rail­way wheels, or its forth­com­ing rail-mounted gun. You might think that there’s not much you can do with a Vic­to­rian 0-6-0, but Ox­ford has de­cided to of­fer its ‘Dean Goods’ – with snow­plough! We’ve dealt with Ox­ford’s ‘Dean Goods’ be­fore (MR240 and MR244) so we don’t need to say much more here. Need­less to say, No. 2534 looks pretty ef­fec­tive in its un­lined GWR mid-chrome green with Great Western let­ter­ing on the ten­der. Like the prover­bial cu­rate’s egg, the ‘Dean Goods’ is good in parts but it has a few flaws, which pre­vi­ous re­views have high­lighted. The bit that we’re in­ter­ested in here is the snow­plough. Cyn­ics might have imag­ined Ox­ford of­fer­ing a lo­co­mo­tive with a snow­plough that’s no good for any­thing else. Or it might have of­fered the ’plough with a cor­re­spond­ing in­crease in the re­tail price. But full credit to Ox­ford for do­ing nei­ther.


The RRP is just £7 more than a stan­dard GWR ‘Dean Goods’. What’s bet­ter is that Ox­ford has supplied No. 2534 with­out the buf­fers fit­ted. The snow­plough is de­signed to press into holes in the buffer­beam. If you don’t want to run the lo­co­mo­tive with the ’plough, you can re­move it and, as they’re supplied in the ‘bag of bits’, push the buf­fers in place, fix the ten­sion lock cou­pler in its

NEM pocket and use No. 2534 like any other lo­co­mo­tive. The ’plough is a sim­ple plas­tic mould­ing. Those look­ing for 100% pro­to­type fidelity will ques­tion the lack of ta­per to the sides, the lack of point and the un­der­nour­ished de­flec­tor plates on top, but it con­veys enough of the out­landish look of the pro­to­type to feel con­vinc­ing. The ac­com­pa­ny­ing pho­to­graph also re­veals that the model still re­tains the con­nec­tion to the vac­uum brake ‘swan neck’ and lacks the side mount­ing equip- ment. To in­clude such de­tail would have in­volved a costly re-tool. Over­all, top marks to Ox­ford for of­fer­ing a cost-ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion and giv­ing us some­thing just that lit­tle dif­fer­ent.

If you don’t want to run the lo­co­mo­tive with the ‘plough, you can re­move it


The hand­some lines of ‘Dean Goods’ No. 2534 are spoilt by a car­bun­cle of a snow­plough in­side Swin­don shed in 1934.

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