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Col­lett in­tro­duced an im­proved ‘31XX/51XX’ in 1929. It was pretty much iden­ti­cal to the Church­ward de­sign but with mod­ern fit­tings, out­side steampipes and curved frames. This be­came the stan­dard ‘Large Prairie’ and build­ing con­tin­ued un­til 1949, with BR com­plet­ing the fi­nal ex­am­ples. The first ten filled the gap in the ‘31XX/51XX’ num­ber­ing se­quence (Nos. 5101‑5110), with sub­se­quent lo­co­mo­tives num­bered as Nos. 5150‑5199, and 4100‑4179. The fi­nal two, Nos. 4113 and 4161, were with­drawn in Novem­ber 1965, although No. 4176 lasted as a sta­tion­ary boiler un­til 1967. Eight sur­vive in preser­va­tion.

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