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This month’s mis­cel­la­neous mus­ings from the Model Rail team.

I may have fi­nally cracked the is­sue of the small pond on my ‘Lis­burn Lane’ lay­out, af­ter about six dif­fer­ent at­tempts. The first ver­sion was OK, us­ing Deluxe Ma­te­ri­als’ Solid Water poured over a bed of sand and small stone chip­pings. How­ever, the water was too clean for what would be a stag­nant, reedy pond set amid farm fields. Over the past year, I’ve tried to ap­ply fur­ther, coloured lay­ers over the ex­ist­ing ‘water’, us­ing a va­ri­ety of prod­ucts, with some truly aw­ful re­sults. In­deed, the pond’s con­tents be­gan to re­sem­ble toxic in­dus­trial ef­flu­ent! How­ever, the lat­est at­tempt seems to have worked, with a layer of AK In­ter­ac­tive’s acrylic Pud­dles fluid spread over the sur­face, fol­lowed by an­other thin coat­ing of Deluxe Ma­te­ri­als’ clear Solid Water. The cured pond now looks al­most opaque, but at least it sports a more nat­u­ral colour­ing. Fur­ther­more, I’ve planted more reeds and grasses around the perime­ter, thus vastly re­duc­ing the amount of ‘water’ vis­i­ble, which has also helped.

Mod­el­ling hours this month: 8 Note to self: Never give up on a project, even when things keep go­ing wrong!

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