Add Faller’s Car Sys­tem

Dave Low­ery steers you through the process of adding mov­ing ve­hi­cles to your lay­out.

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Dave Low­ery steers you through adding mov­ing ve­hi­cles to your lay­out.

I’ve ad­mired Faller’s Car Sys­tem for many years now. I even in­cluded it on the lay­out I built for my book Build A Model Railway Lay­out. Noth­ing can match it as a way to add an ex­tra di­men­sion to your lay­out. Things have moved on since I last used Car Sys­tem and you can now get work­ing traf­fic lights, bus stops, light­ing sys­tems and even a mov­ing house boat. You re­ally should con­sider adding it to your lay­out. The main UK im­porter of Car Sys­tem is Gauge­mas­ter. It kindly sup­plied us with what I call the ‘White Van Man’ starter set, thanks to its white Mercedes Benz Sprinter van (a Herpa model with the Car Sys­tem chas­sis) as well as the work­ing traf­fic lights set. This is a re­ally sim­ple sys­tem: the ve­hi­cles are bat­tery pow­ered and fol­low a wire un­der the road sur­face, thanks to a small mag­net. Gauge­mas­ter of­fers ex­cel­lent road­way sec­tions that com­ple­ment the Faller sys­tem. They are laser-cut to ac­com­mo­date the cen­tral steel guide wire. These can be ar­ranged and de­signed into a suit­able road­way for­ma­tion. How­ever, there is an al­ter­na­tive to buy­ing the pre-made road sec­tions – the Car Sys­tem Groove Cut­ter. You’ll need to buy it sep­a­rately, but it cuts a groove in the base­board for the steel guide wire. This is bet­ter suited to mod­ellers who have al­ready built their lay­out and want to add Car Sys­tem ret­ro­spec­tively. Gauge­mas­ter’s sec­tions will work bet­ter if you’re still build­ing your lay­out. The beauty of Car Sys­tem is that it’s re­ally easy to use. I drew my road­way onto a piece of MDF board, in­clud­ing the edges of the pave­ments, and cut the groove us­ing the cut­ter. I had my white van mov­ing af­ter a cou­ple of hours’ work. If only I had the space for a much big­ger sys­tem!

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