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A mul­ti­me­ter is a very use­ful tool for fault-find­ing. There’s no need to buy an ex­pen­sive one (or even one at all if you fancy mak­ing your own tester with a buzzer or bulb). With the point in one po­si­tion and switch in­stalled, there should be a con­tin­u­ous cir­cuit be­tween the match­ing stock rail and frog. This will show as zero ohms on your mul­ti­me­ter (or a buzzer or light with your home-made tester). From the frog to the op­po­site stock rail, there should be an open cir­cuit on your me­ter (no buzzer or light). If there is, then there’s a short some­where. If all is well, switch the point and test from the other stock rail.

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