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The scissor cross­ing is prob­a­bly the most com­pli­cated piece of track­work you can ar­range. There are three ‘valid’ routes: both lines straight, one crossover set with the other two points set for straight and the other crossover set, with the re­main­ing two points set for straight ahead. The in­valid route is both crossovers set to cross. Six frogs re­quire switch­ing, but as long as the in­valid route of both crossovers isn’t se­lected, then switch­ing a scis­sors crossover isn’t too dif­fi­cult. Only the acute ‘vees’ need to be switched as the shal­low ‘vees’ are con­nected to the re­spec­tive blue and red feeds, pro­vided that in­su­lated gaps are added as shown in yellow in the di­a­gram be­low. The point frogs rely on the blades for po­lar­ity switch­ing. If you want to add switched frogs into the main line track, then cuts will have to be made into the rails, as shown.

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