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So you’ve got your ba­sic road sys­tem work­ing and want to add a lit­tle more re­al­ism. How about work­ing traf­fic lights that not only work, but are obeyed by traf­fic? There’s no smoke and mir­rors, sim­ply a small lead switch mounted in­side the car, van or lorry that is switched by an elec­tro­mag­net mounted un­der the base­board just be­fore the traf­fic lights. The mag­nets and traf­fic lights are con­nected to an elec­tron­ics unit that con­trols those com­po­nents and has ad­justable time de­lays on the lights se­quence.

Left: In op­er­a­tion, wait­ing at the lights.

The traf­fic lights come as a kit, but to make them more like the ones you see in the UK they need to be painted black. The work­ing traf­fic lights set in­cludes a pair of three-as­pect traf­fic lights, two elec­tro­mag­nets and the lo­cat­ing units.

Above: The all-im­por­tant elec­tronic con­trol box for the traf­fic lights. It con­trols the lights and the mag­nets, al­low­ing you to ad­just the tim­ings and se­quence of the lights them­selves.

Above: This elec­tro­mag­net, in­stalled un­der the lay­out, trig­gers the switch on the ve­hi­cle seen on the ve­hi­cle chas­sis at the bot­tom of Step 8, above.

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