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Noch Land­scape Mod­el­ling Foil has a metal fin­ish on one side to give it strength, and a white fi­brous fin­ish on the other side to take scenic ma­te­ri­als. You can fold and shape the foil to fit al­most any land­scape you want.


I wanted gen­tle un­du­la­tions, so I rolled up pieces of the foil and pushed them un­der the slope of the em­bank­ment be­hind the rail­way line. I could have glued pieces of poly­styrene to the base­board and placed foil on top.


I painted the bare poly­styrene at the front of the dio­rama with a tube of brown acrylic paint. Then, at the back, on the Mod­el­ling Foil, I used green Hum­brol acrylic (from an aerosol) to colour the rolling field be­hind the rail­way line.


I used Ra­tio’s oc­cu­pa­tion cross­ing to gauge the width of the road and then cut the base from mount­ing card. I folded it over the rear of the dio­rama so that there was no sharp edge at the back of the base­board.


I cov­ered the trackbed with Wood­land Scen­ics Scenic Ce­ment ad­he­sive, placed the track on it and then sprin­kled on Wood­land Scen­ics Fine Brown bal­last. When the glue had cured, I swept away any ex­cess bal­last.


I painted the edge of the road brown where it will be hid­den un­der hedgerows. I made the road’s shoul­ders by ap­ply­ing Deluxe Ma­te­ri­als Cre­ate and Shape with my finger and smooth­ing it with an off-cut of card.


When the Cre­ate and Shape is dry, smooth it with abra­sive papers. I painted the ‘off-road’ ar­eas brown to blend them in. To make a heav­ily rut­ted road, I then spread some white glue along its length, try­ing to make it look ran­dom.


I sprin­kled on fine sand and left it to dry overnight. Then I painted the road with grey acrylic. Once this had dried, I dry-brushed white Wood­land Scen­ics Earth Colour along the road sur­face to give the sand a 3D ef­fect.


The Dales are a mix­ture of pas­ture land and open moor­land. To model a pas­ture, I glued some light brown scat­ter ma­te­rial to rep­re­sent where the trac­tors would churn up the grass as they en­tered and ex­ited the field.


Arch Laser, from Osborn’s Mod­els, pro­duces this won­der­ful dry­s­tone wall, al­beit based on those in the Cotswolds. How­ever, two coats of Wood­land Scen­ics Earth Colours Con­crete turned it into a wall more typ­i­cal of York­shire.


I al­ways as­so­ciate wooden field gates with York­shire, and my dio­rama had to have one. This three-bar gate comes with Arch Laser’s wall. The tim­ber fence for the line­side was from the same source. Again, se­cure with PVA.


The poly fi­bre hedge af­ter be­ing glued to the land­scape. Poly fi­bre comes as a tightly rolled-up ball that needs to be teased apart. It is avail­able in green from Wood­land Scen­ics (www.wood­land­scen­


To add mixed scat­ter ma­te­rial to the hedg­ing I used hair­spray (from any su­per­mar­ket or chemist will do!) plus Wood­land Scen­ics Blended Turf and Fine Turf, which I sprin­kled on through my fingers.


The hedge af­ter it has been sprayed with hair­spray and then sprin­kled with a mix­ture of Wood­land Scen­ics Fine Tufts. Don’t get too much scat­ter onto the hedge or it will hide the light and airy ap­pear­ance of the poly fi­bre.

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