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The tower is the first part to be con­structed, af­ter which it can be set aside. Cut­ting out its main brick struc­ture can be awk­ward, but it will add ten inches to the height of what is al­ready a dou­ble-layer mi­cro lay­out. Ex­cel­lent!


The tower front with win­dows in is the first thick card piece you will en­counter. Be care­ful when cut­ting through this as the printed top layer can tear and spoil the look of the model. Here one edge is a bit messy, but it won’t be vis­i­ble.


This tower side strut pro­vides a small but al­beit nec­es­sary sup­port to the top of the roof. There is an­other one on the other side. These will serve a dual pur­pose later as some­where for the braces to sit. It’s at this point that the struc­ture be­gins to sup­port it­self.


For the thin pieces of card, scis­sors or a sharp craft knife are suf­fi­cient. Al­ter­na­tive roundels are sup­plied with ‘Un­der­ground’ rather than ‘Lon­don Trans­port’. I was work­ing against the clock, so I left these for later.


Fix the win­dows to the back of the tower shaft. Card glue will work per­fectly well here. I opted for UHU as it gave me a small amount of lee­way to turn the part over and make sure the win­dows are per­fectly lined up be­fore it set hard. Fold the sides around the edges.


Four braces are sup­plied to pro­vide strength to the cor­ners of the tower. Af­ter fit­ting them I was con­fi­dent enough to leave it and know that it wouldn’t col­lapse. Add in the roof and pil­lars to com­plete the tower sec­tion.


Push down hard on a steel-edged ruler to get a straight line for cut­ting out the win­dows. Ac­cu­racy is key here, oth­er­wise your win­dows will be off-cen­tre. Take things slowly to avoid mov­ing the ruler and place it against the printed win­dows to judge the po­si­tion is right.


The top of the roof is the next bit to be added in place and this pro­vides some struc­tural in­tegrity. Place it on a flat sur­face and glue along the sides of the card be­fore hold­ing it in place while the glue sets. It will be a lit­tle wob­bly un­til the roof is added to sta­bilise it.


Work can now be­gin on the book­ing hall. Red­bridge Un­der­ground sta­tion was de­signed by renowned Tube de­signer Charles Holden and is Grade Ii-listed. In model form, his large, cir­cu­lar de­sign is recre­ated by join­ing the two halves to­gether with the main roof joiner.

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