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To shorten the gap be­tween

cars, I cut the tails from both cou­plings on the non-driv­ing coach. The hooks were also re­moved and the short­ened cou­plings glued to the un­der­side of the bo­gie with cyano ad­he­sive. Thin plas­tic strips were fixed to the front of the cou­pling bars to re­duce the amount of fore-and-aft play in the hooks of the other car and lo­co­mo­tive. The train then cou­pled tightly to­gether, al­though a first test run in push mode was dis­as­trous. The cou­plings were too tight and, as a re­sult, the non-driv­ing coach would push the rear bo­gie of the driv­ing coach off the track when ne­go­ti­at­ing the points. There­fore, I repo­si­tioned both cou­pling bars on the non-driv­ing coach out­wards by a cou­ple of mil­lime­tres, test­ing the train on the lay­out and mak­ing mi­nor ad­just­ments un­til re­li­able op­er­a­tion was achieved.

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