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I found Mick Bryan’s guide to wiring slips and three-way points in MR255 ex­tremely use­ful. I’d been scratch­ing my head over a dou­ble slip for ages and this solved my prob­lem, so thank you! How­ever, there was one thing not cov­ered: Peco’s new Unifrog points. What are they and how do you in­stall them?

Mpe­ic­cok’ sbury­naifnro sgayiss: a com­bi­na­tion of in­su­lated and pow­ered frog in a sin­gle pack­age. The in­su­lated sec­tion is sim­i­lar to that of a con­ven­tional In­sul­frog point, but there is the op­tion of switch­ing the metal nose of the frog to em­u­late a live frog point. The switch­ing of the Unifrog is ac­com­plished with ex­actly the same meth­ods de­scribed in the fea­ture for live frog points but there’s no need to cut an in­su­lat­ing gap.

Peco’s Unifrog points of­fer the op­tion of en­tirely in­su­lat­ing the frog, or switch­ing power to the metal ‘nose’ to em­u­late a live frog point.

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