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The six fig­ures and the wiring come in plas­tic blis­ter pack­ag­ing. Four fig­ures come with­out work­ing cam­eras, two fig­ures come with cam­eras that flash and there is also a tri­pod that flashes.


These are the four fig­ures that come with­out flash­ing cam­eras. The fig­ure sec­ond from the right is de­signed to be po­si­tioned next to the cam­era on top of the tri­pod. He looks more like a wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher…


The sup­plied flash ef­fect chip just needs the red and black wires con­nected to a 16V AC/DC power source to cre­ate the flash­ing cam­era ef­fect. The PCB is only a cou­ple of inches long, which makes it easy to hide on your lay­out.


Gen­tly un­roll the wires from the pack­ag­ing – they’re about 11cm each in length. Be care­ful not to pull the ca­bles hard as they are very thin and can break eas­ily. Also, take care to not get the ca­bles tangled up.


You can see the fine wires on the fig­ures and tri­pod. At nor­mal view­ing dis­tances these wires are not too ob­vi­ous and easy to hide.


The three cam­eras flash in a ran­dom fash­ion and two just hap­pened to be on to­gether when this pho­to­graph was taken. The LEDS on the cam­eras flash for five sec­onds then stop for a pe­riod of time.


Con­nect the chip di­rectly to the un­con­trolled side of a trans­former. If you are us­ing an AC trans­former the wires can be con­nected to ei­ther side of the two con­nec­tions. How­ever, if you are us­ing a DC trans­former con­nect the wires with the re­sis­tor to the pos­i­tive con­nec­tor.


I po­si­tioned the chip be­hind a hedge on the lay­out. It looks ob­vi­ous now but once the wires are cov­ered the unit and wires will not be vis­i­ble. Ex­tend the wires by sol­der­ing ex­ten­sions on to them as re­quired but don’t re­duce the lengths of the wires sup­plied.


Drill a 10mm hole in the base­board where the fig­ures are to be po­si­tioned and thread the wires through the hole and un­der­neath the base­board. I held the fig­ures and tri­pod down with a lit­tle clear tape and a blob of Deluxe Ma­te­ri­als Tacky Wax on the base of the feet.


With ev­ery­thing wired you can test that your al­ter­ations haven’t dis­rupted the cur­rent flow. Here, two of the cam­eras are flash­ing si­mul­ta­ne­ously – ar­guably the pho­tog­ra­phers should be wear­ing high-viz jack­ets at this event so con­sider where you are plac­ing them.

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