The Morris Eight

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I wanted to create a re­ally derelict car and se­lected the Morris Eight as the guinea pig. I wanted it to rep­re­sent a car that’s suf­fered kids jump­ing on the roof, so I squashed the body in a vice. I cut away the front bumper as per the Ford 103E but glued it back at an an­gle.

I found the best way to rep­re­sent dented pan­els with holes was to grind the in­side metal with a ball‑shaped burr tool in a small drill. The die‑cast metal is nearly 2mm thick in places, so grind it un­til it’s pa­per thin then push it with a tool to create the dents and creases.

The tyres on two wheels have been re­moved. To create extra in­ter­est, I filed the wheel down to create an impression of the brake drum. Four in­dents rep­re­sent the stud holes.

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