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Why stop with just one model? We’ve de­cided to go the whole hog and of­fer the Southern Re­gion Class 12 too!

15211-15236 emerged from Ash­ford be­tween 1949-1952 and were vir­tu­ally iden­ti­cal to the LMS de­sign. We will in­clude key dif­fer­ences – Bulleid ‘Box­pok’ wheels and the ex­tra lamp iron/marker lights – but please be aware that lim­i­ta­tions to the tool­ing may mean that it’s not pos­si­ble to in­clude some smaller de­tail dif­fer­ences (also ap­pli­ca­ble to the West­ern Re­gion machines). Again, each liv­ery is lim­ited to 300 pieces and all five should be due Q1 2023.

MR-601: BR black, 15223

MR-602: BR black, early em­blem, 15235

MR-605: BR blue, 15212

MR-603: BR green, wasp stripes, 15224

MR-604: BR green, wasp stripes (weath­ered), 15221

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