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Scale: ‘Oo’/‘o’/limited range for ‘G’.

Range: Two, three or four-as­pect sig­nals, mounted to posts or brack­ets. Also of­fers ground po­si­tion sig­nals and modern SPAD (sig­nal passed at dan­ger) in­di­ca­tors and multi-as­pect sig­nals, with all man­ner of junc­tion and route in­di­ca­tor op­tions.

Do you need to build them? No.

Do they work? Yes.

Easy to in­stall? Cir­cuit board can be se­cured to the un­der­side of the base­board, while the sig­nal is ‘planted’ from above. By em­ploy­ing suitable switch and crimped ‘spade’ wire con­nec­tors, it’s pos­si­ble to forego sol­der­ing com­pletely, if de­sired. What can I ex­pect to pay? From £25 for a ground sig­nal. Where can I buy them? Ab­so­lute As­pects

Tel: 07788 255126 Web: www.ab­so­lutea­spects.com Ab­so­lute As­pects of­fers a wide range of re­al­is­tic colour light sig­nals for mod­ellers of the post-steam era. These sig­nals are de­signed with re­al­ism, rugged­ness and ease of use in mind. Sup­plied fully as­sem­bled and fin­ished, there is no com­pli­cated wiring to worry about as it comes with its own printed cir­cuit board. They look the part and, once con­nected and il­lu­mi­nated, add an ex­tra level of re­al­ism to a modern lay­out.

Looks, re­al­ism, ease of use, au­toma­tion, use­ful pro­to­type.

Noth­ing of note.

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