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Sev­eral other lo­co­mo­tives have played the part of Thomas the Tank Engine in Bri­tain over the years. Here’s a se­lec­tion: An­drew Bar­clay ‘18in’ 0‑6‑0T

No. 1605/1941

Built for: Har­lax­ton Quarry, Lin­colnshire Cur­rent lo­ca­tion: Cale­do­nian Rail­way (Brechin),

Fowler ‘Jinty’ 0‑6‑0T No. 47298 Built for: LMS, 1924

Cur­rent lo­ca­tion: Ri­ley & Son (E), Hey­wood (un­der over­haul)

Fowler ‘Jinty’ 0‑6‑0T No. 47327 Built for: LMS, 1926

Cur­rent lo­ca­tion: Mid­land Rail­way – But­ter­ley (static dis­play) Hudswell Clarke 16in 0‑6‑0ST

No. 1450/1922

Built for: Scun­thorpe steel works Cur­rent lo­ca­tion: Emb­say & Bolton Abbey Steam Rail­way (await­ing over­haul) Hudswell Clarke ‘PLA’ 0‑6‑0T

No. 1821/1948 – Emb­say

Built for: Na­tional Coal Board Cur­rent lo­ca­tion: Emb­say & Bolton Abbey Steam Rail­way (await­ing over­haul) Hun­slet ‘Chest’ 0‑6‑0T No. 686/1898 The Lady Ar­magh­dale

Built for: Manch­ester Ship Canal Cur­rent lo­ca­tion: Sev­ern Val­ley Rail­way (static dis­play)

Hun­slet 15in 0‑6‑0ST No. 2409/1942 ‘king Ge­orge’ – Did­cot Rail­way Cen­tre Built for: Linby Col­liery, Not­ting­hamshire Cur­rent lo­ca­tion: Did­cot Rail­way Cen­tre (un­der over­haul)

Hun­slet ‘Aus­ter­ity’ 0‑6‑0ST

No. 3781/1952 – Mid‑hants Rail­way Built for: Na­tional Coal Board, Maesteg col­liery

Cur­rent lo­ca­tion: Mid‑hants Rail­way (op­er­a­tional)

Win­son En­gi­neer­ing/guest En­gi­neer­ing 2‑6‑4T No. 1 Wrox­ham Broad

Built for: Ex­port to Caribbean Cur­rent lo­ca­tion: Bure Val­ley Rail­way* (op­er­a­tional)

*15in gauge

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