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- George Dent looks at the new products to land on his workbench this month

Hold It Steady (1)

This universal vice, from the Modelcraft range, is manufactur­ed from lightweigh­t aluminium and nickel-plated steel. Fixed to the workbench with a screw clamp, the vice itself can be tilted and rotated to allow the work to be approached from all angles. The steel jaws come with removable rubber grips to protect delicate materials and objects and the jaws can be opened to a maximum of 55mm. In use, it has proved to be a reliable vice for modelmakin­g and light duty tasks, with the tilting and rotating facilities proving most welcome. Price: £22.95 Availabili­ty: Scale Model Shop Tel: 01422 405040 Web: www.scalemodel­

Shine a light

Deluxe Materials has recently improved the formulatio­n of its Roket UV glue, which is available in a 20g bottle or 5g tube. The latter comes with a small UV torch which is required to activate the adhesive. The glue remains sticky for some time, providing a strong initial ‘grab’ but allowing plenty of time for adjustment. When the parts are lined up perfectly, the torch is activated and the ultra violet light causes the glue to cure in seconds. This type of glue has many potential uses and we’ll be presenting a full demo in next month’s issue. Price: £11.00/£14.99 Availabili­ty: Your local model shop or Gaugemaste­r Tel: 01903 884488 Web: www.gaugemaste­

Putty training

Green Stuff World offers ribbons of two-part epoxy putty in a variety of lengths, allowing equal amounts of resin and hardener to be mixed, simply by cutting across the strip. A new innovation is the tiny gap between the two elements, which prevents the putty hardening down the centre over time and prolonging the shelf life considerab­ly. Available in lengths from 15cm to 92cm, the putty is great for all manner of filling, sculpting and moulding tasks and has a working time of up to 90 minutes, after mixing, before hardening. Price: From €6.00 per pack Availabili­ty: Green Stuff World Web: www.greenstuff­world. com

Hold it steady (2)

Do you need a device to hold your treasured locomotive­s or carriages steady while adding detail parts, cleaning wheels or making repairs? The Rotating Loco Cradle from Proses may be just the thing. Interchang­eable and padded support brackets can be adjusted to clamp the model securely and the rotating shaft tilts the subject to the desired angle. Safety stops prevent the model from tipping over and, once set up correctly, it provides a very stable work platform. Suitable for ‘N’, ‘OO’ and ‘O’ gauge models, there’s plenty of scope for adjustment to suit models of different shapes and sizes. Price: £74.25 Availabili­ty: Bachmann stockists Web:

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