Model Rail (UK)


George Dent looks at the new products to land on his workbench this month



GAUGE Removing tiny screws from the underside of a chassis or within the dark reaches of a locomotive bodyshell can be tricky. But this handy miniature screwdrive­r makes the job easier, thanks to a powerful LED torch light. Six interchang­eable screwdrive­r bits are provided (flat and crosshead types), which can be neatly stored within the handle. And the light is switched on by depressing the sprung button on the tail end of the tool. Once the screw is located and engaged by the bit, you can release the light switch and start turning the screw. Supplied pre-fitted with batteries, the pen-style tool is also fitted with a handy pocket clip. Product: Model Craft PSD1006 Precision LED Screwdrive­r Price: £6.49 Availabili­ty: Scale Model Shop Tel: 01422 405040 Web: www.scale modelshop.


Holding parts securely in a pair of convention­al tweezers can cause fatigue in the fingers after a few minutes. Reverse action tweezers offer a helpful solution, as their default position is to remain closed. This set of high-quality, reverse action tweezers from Tamiya feature sprung jaws and serrated inner faces, which combine to offer a secure grip of small objects. By squeezing the handles, the grip is released. Furthermor­e, the grips feature heat-resistant grips, making them an ideal tool for holding parts during light soldering work. Comfortabl­e to use, the high-grade steel and polished finish provide a pleasing appearance, as well as reliable operation. At 168mm long, the tool feels well-balanced in the hand. Product: Tamiya 103 HG Reverse Action Straight Tweezers Price: £17.50 Availabili­ty: Tamiya stockists Web: www.wonderland


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