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The washer tank also consisted of bolted sections, replicated with square section Evergreen strip glued around the circumfere­nce with cement. The Ratio fuel oil tank kit provided the basic parts once again.


Reference pictures clearly showed the use of gate valves on this tank, so these were created from wooden coffee stirrers and Evergreen strip, along with flanges and handwheels from the Knightwing pipe kit.


The beauty of hacking around kits is that you generate plenty of bits that can be repurposed. The chequer plate made a perfect walkway for the chemical dosing unit. The tank support is Evergreen plastic angle.


Following reference images, the pipes, valves, chemical dosing tank, filling funnel and heavy support beams were all added to complete the washer unit. Most of the final build was done with polystyren­e cement.


The view from the other side of the finished tank. A drain line has also been fitted to the base of the tank for emptying, inspecting and cleaning. The tank sits on lengths of Plastruct ‘H’ girders.


Because this structure is of a cast steel constructi­on, the finish followed the same lines as the scrubber tank with a metallic base paint, dry‑brushed rust, hairspray and a water‑based acrylic top colour, chipped off after wetting. Dry‑brushing and pigments generated the final well used look. A brick base with timber decking was created and wooden wedges were added to the tops of the ‘H’ beams to prevent movement of the tank. The brickwork was formed from offcuts of a laser‑cut walling kit.

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