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This 16ft by 8ft layout is aimed at more advanced modellers. There are several gradients, with a rise of 1½in between points A and B, (a climb of 1:20 over 30in) up to the locomotive shed. Between C and D, the lines fall 1in (1:57 over 57in), rising again by 1in from E to F (1:48 over 48in). This combinatio­n of gradients provides a difference of 2½in between the main line at Green Lane and the locomotive shed above.

In my previous Llangollen-themed designs, from MR290, space precluded gradients. However, by omitting Llangollen station, I have been able to redress the situation. The run from Dee Bridge, past the carriage sidings and shed, Llangollen Goods Junction Signal Box and the motive power shed would provide an attractive section. It could form part of an oval layout with Carrog station on the opposite side, and a fiddleyard between the two. This provides a continuous oval for testing and running-in new trains too. Please note that while I’ve added Carrog, you could include Glyndyfrdw­y as an alternate.

If you’re looking for an entry-level version of the advanced plan, here’s my take. The gradients have been removed and the layout fits into a space of 6ft 9in by 5ft 1in.

It consists of a locomotive shed and siding for up to six locomotive­s, a carriage shed and siding capable of holding four coaches and non-scenic loops. Although there’s need to drop a short section of baseboard for the Dee Bridge, the rest is pretty straightfo­rward.

With a bit more length, at both ends, you could link one or more carriage sidings (at point G) to the non-scenic section and extend the engine shed roads at H by 1ft to facilitate use of a Peco Loco Lift. In doing this, you could make the main oval slightly larger too.

To speed things up, in terms of creating structures, I’d consider using Ratio’s GWR signal box (ref. 552), Hornby’s R660 elevated wall for River Dee bridge sides and a number of Gaugemaste­r Trainsheds (ref. 406) for the carriage and locomotive sheds.

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