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Intermodal not only represents one of the UK’S most important rail-borne cargoes, but it’s also one of the most colourful. Indeed, at the recent DEMU Showcase event, it was interestin­g to see how engaged younger enthusiast­s were by the sight of container trains on the various layouts. Accordingl­y, one of the most colourful trader’s displays was that of C-rail Intermodal, which specialise­s in the production of authentic containers in both ‘N’ and ‘OO’.

A variety of new container liveries have recently been added to the C-rail range for both scales, and we were given a handful of each to assess. In ‘N’ gauge, ten new livery options are now available across the range of 20ft and 40ft dry containers, with original and modern corrugatio­n patterns to suit the various colour schemes. The yellow/red BR Freightlin­er scheme is ideal for 1980s container trains, while the vivid pink Ocean Network Express (ONE) livery offers an up-to-date example. Door locking bars are moulded integrally, but they’re painted so neatly that they look like separate parts.

In ‘OO’, the modern 40ft High Cube (9ft 6in tall) insulated container, or ‘reefer’, is presented in various contempora­ry liveries, including P&O pale green and ONE white with pink lettering. The refrigerat­ion gear is neatly moulded at one end while, at the opposite end, the door locking bars are formed from separate components for greater definition.

Painting and printing is excellent across the board and the base of each container can be unclipped to access the interior if desired, providing a useful means of adding extra ballast to intermodal wagons. Both the ‘N’ and ‘OO’ containers sat well on a range of different wagon types from various manufactur­ers.

Models: 40ft HC Reefer (‘OO’) £10.00 each; 20ft dry box (‘N’) £6.50 each; 40ft dry box (‘N’) £7.00 each

Availabili­ty: C-rail Intermodal

Web: www.c-rail-intermodal.

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