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Peco ‘TT:120’ lineside building kits

◆ SCALE ‘TT:120’ ◆ MODELS • Peco LK-12100 GWR signal box (£16.95) • LK-12101 Country station building (£18.95) ◆ AVAILABILI­TY Peco stockists Web


As mentioned last month, Peco generously sent us a large bundle of new products from its nascent ‘TT:120’ range and, while we appraised the track, points and accessorie­s in MR303, we can now assess some of the lineside building kits.

Peco’s initial raft of ‘TT:120’ kits includes an attractive station building, complete with canopy, plus a small signal box and a goods shed. All three structures have a distinct GWR character, but they’re not too regionspec­ific and could be readily employed for layouts set in other parts of the UK.

At Model Rail, we always prefer to build a kit before reviewing it, so two of the three kits have been assembled in order to test the fit of parts, the clarity of the instructio­ns and the appearance of the finished structures. Each of the kits primarily feature laser-cut wood components (cut from 1mm thick plywood), plus moulded plastic chimney pots and a generous sheet of clear acetate for the glazing.

The walls are built up in layers with interlocki­ng joints, creating a very sturdy constructi­on. Doors and window frames are provided as separate parts, providing welcome relief.

The signal box boasts impressive etched brick detail to the base and chimney, along with timber panels to the main cabin. The veranda and stairs are finely rendered, yet resilient, while the bargeboard­s and finials look great. No interior details are provided and, hopefully, a suitable detailing kit will be offered in future.

The station building features dressed stone detail on the exterior walls, with quoins at the corners, which help to disguise the interlocki­ng joints. The goods shed

(ref. LK-12102, £18.95) also depicts a stone-built structure, with corrugated roof panels and an interior loading platform.

The station canopy brackets and fingerboar­d fascia are lovely and there’s even a rough texture to the lean-to extension roof, plus gutters and downpipes. The main ‘slate’ roof panels and decorative ridge tiles add extra charm. Again, no interior fittings or walls are provided, but the panelled doors and window frames are excellent.

The proportion­s of ‘TT:120’ are modeller-friendly, making these kits a straightfo­rward prospect. The fiddliest element was the delicate square rings that adorn the chimney stacks, which needed to be cut from the fret very carefully. Some gaps exist in the corner joints of the walls and chimney stacks, but a little filler and careful abrading will take care of them.

I’d recommend painting elements like the windows, doors and station canopy before installati­on, but it’s by no means essential. I would, however, leave the signal box roof loose pending interior detailing, while the station interior can be accessed from below. Offering great value and excellent results, these kits are heartily recommende­d, whether you’re planning a ‘TT:120’ layout now or in future. Indeed, they provided a very enjoyable way of passing a few evenings. (GD)

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