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Mark Paytress

Mark celebrates two decades as a MOJO contributo­r with his pet subject, Marc Bolan (p52). His book BOLAN: The Rise & Fall Of A 20th Century Superstar, remains the go-to biog. He’s currently writing a script for a forthcomin­g doc on another lifelong passion.

Stevie Chick

MOJO’s plaid dad just about managed not to cry “We’re not worthy!” on meeting Alice Cooper (see p40). Biographer of Sonic Youth and Black Flag, he is currently working on a top secret project related to American alternativ­e music. His dearest wish is that De La Soul might one day reissue Buhloone Mindstate on vinyl.

Alan Light

The MOJO regular’s connection to The Allman Brothers Band (whose story he tells on p64) is personal – he was the co-author of My Cross to Bear, Gregg Allman's 2012 memoir. Alan was “shocked, but not surprised” by Allman’s death in May: “Gregg had survived so much, you started to think he was invincible.”

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