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You probably don’t have too many subscriber­s who also worship at the hallowed cobbles outside the Rover’s Return, but as well as eagerly perusing MOJO each month I’m a regular Coronation Street junkie too (favourite character, the extraordin­ary Dev – Manchester’s answer to Frankie Howerd). Imagine my delight to find you namechecki­ng t’Street during your Hendrix retrospect­ive in the last issue. Jimi’s warping of Eric Spear’s legendary Corrie theme tune has been mentioned previously in passing elsewhere, but it’s always nice to see this acknowledg­ed. Maybe this is one for Fred Dellar and the MOJO readers who favour the back-end of your mag, but the influence extends through and beyond Mr Hendrix. Has there ever been a set of musical links like this? Corrie theme begat Third Stone From The Sun, sure; but The Experience in turn inspired Cozy Powell’s Dance With The Devil. Which then formed a launch pad for Rasputin by Boney M. Which itself was plagiarise­d by Insane Clown Posse’s If I Was A King. The chain may stretch even further. From Ena Sharples to the Juggalos in five easy steps. What a wonderful thing music is! Revlon Atomic, Spondon, Derby, via email

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