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Keith Cameron’s aptly written statement that Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’ performanc­es dealt “white knuckle thrills” [MOJO 284] still holds true. Having first seen the band live in 2014 at Osheaga in Montréal, Nick Cave’s behaviour on stage was totally unpredicta­ble – which made for a riveting show. More recently, in May of 2017 at Metropolis in Montréal, Nick Cave’s self-effacing humour was in full evidence. He sympathise­d with audience members in the front rows, saying that the view they had of him from that angle must be “terrifying”. After singing Higgs Boson Blues and mistakenly mentioning that Miley Cyrus was also Canadian (the audience quickly corrected him – she is American), his humble apology resulted in resounding laughter throughout the venue, and all the while, he remained the embodiment of charisma. As a freelance writer, I have developed the habit of working while listening to Push The Sky Away and Skeleton Treee on a perpetual loop – contrary to the sadness that some claim those albums provoke (notably Skeleton Tree), I would argue that the lyrics and music stimulate my imaginatio­n and creativity. Therefore, I was thrilled at the inclusion with that issue of MOJO of the 15-track CD compilatio­n of Murder Ballads that inspired the Cave and Co. Thanks for providing additional inspiratio­n for July! Renée Cohen, Montréal, Canada via email

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