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I don’t mean to be mundane…


In last month’s MOJO you featured, in your playlist, the splendid Nine Inch Nails remix of Deaf Ears, a track from the latest Todd Rundgren album, White Knight (awful title). I fully expected to see the album review in the same mag, and, if not, certainly in August’s copy, but no! The album is a wildly variable collection, but shows, perhaps for the first time, Rundgren attempting to widen his fanbase by collaborat­ing with artists more renowned than he. Added to that the controvers­y in the States over the anti-Trump song, Tin Foil Hat, featuring Donald Fagen, and Rundgren’s advice for Trump supporters to stay away from his gigs, it would appear the record is receiving more airplay than usual. Love him or loathe him, and whether the album is good, bad or indifferen­t (I do wish he would put his digital tools away!), an artist who continues to influence a plethora of performers deserves recognitio­n. And while I’m on the subject, Rundgren’s inclusion in your How To Buy section is long overdue! (Thanks for Loudon Wainwright III and Warren Zevon in recent months). Steve Maltby Leigh-on-Sea, via email

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