Mojo (UK)

It’s these skinheads, see?


At long last! 2 Tone’s most underrated outfit have finally received the acclaim they deserve! Yes, I’m talking about your fantastic piece on The Selecter [MOJO 285]. We all know about the tensions in the band that essentiall­y led to their split the first time around, but it was interestin­g to see Pauline admit that the band staged fights on-stage in order to stop the violence in the audience itself. What an ingenious tactic. Especially when you consider that chunks of the band’s audience would’ve been totally into the idea of violence at gigs – something which was commonplac­e at the time due to the tribalism of the day, when skins fought punks and punks fought Mods. As well as Pauline’s honesty, I was also struck by the assertion that the world needs The Selecter more than ever. I am so glad they are back. Here’s to [forthcomin­g Selecter album] Human Too! Roger Stevens, via email

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